Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lost Camera and Slippers

Wow, just looked at the date of my last post. Oops. It's been a while but lets hope I am totally back now.
The fast few months have been eventful - birthdays, children starting back at school and now they are just about to head back for their second term, my husband left a long term secure job to persue a dream to fitness training. It has been an interesting ride but we have all grown through the hurdles we have faced over the last four months. (thanks goodness for fried rice and caramel popcorn)

In all of this I also misplaced my camera - last seen when taking a few photos in January. Not being in a place to purchase a new one I have been praying that it would turn up one day. I thought that I had looked everywhere. A couple of weeks ago my daughter was looking for a ball she was playing with that went under a chest and low and behold there was also my camera. Reward was paid (thanks Grandad) and one happy mummy was smiling.

Now on with the show. Over Christmas I borrowed some books from my local library and was shown this great book.

I really enjoyed this book. Thank goodness the library had a new sewing book available. (generally they are all pretty old and sad) I then discovered that this lovely lady is based in Tasmania, Australia. Yay, it is so nice that our little part of the world is making some impact in the sewing world. Keep it up Toni. (I purshased a copy for 'birthday' in February.

Anyway what I have I made from this lovely book?  See the cute slippers on the cover, well my niece has a birthday in January and I know she loves nothing better than spending the weekend in her jammies and drinking lattes. Love you Loren! So I decided she needed some cool slippers to complete her.

Lorens Super Comfy Lounge About Slippers

I found these cool buttons after I hade made the slippers - they work so well
I just love the pull on tab
A great pattern to use up pieces of fabric too small for most fabrics.

My children have spotted the pattern for slippers in their size so they have asked me to make some for them, it was my plan to make them for Easter (that's tomorrow so I don't think that will happen :).
There are so many things I want to make just need to the time - that day will come.

Thanks to Toni Coward for spending the time to make such a great book available to us all.