Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Road Trip - Great Ocean Road - Part 3

The Grotto

On our drive from Port Campbell to Port Fairy we stopped at the Grotto. This is probably our top pick from all the sights that we saw along the Great Ocean Road. Not one to miss!

View from the top before heading down the steps

So still and peaceful with the strength of the ocean so close
Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Also stopped of at Warnambool to check out the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village
Really good hands on experience for the children (and adults).

Barrell maker

Would you like to sew a sail?

Public transport timetable

Catching up on the latest at the Public Reading Room - Bargains to be had!

The captain of the ship and his lowly deck hands

The Local Supermarket for seafarers

Feeding time

Bread delivery?

The smithy has a 2nd job .....

Just beautful

Some serious rules to comply with - love 4 & 7

Printing the Daily News

Give me a modern washing machine any day
The children had a great time exploring the village. Said is was way better than in inside museum.

September Road Trip - Great Ocean Road - Part 2

12 Apostles

The main feature 'The 12 Apostles' - well what's left of them......

It is hard to fathom in a photo the enormity of them

You have to imagine the roar of the ocean and the howl of wind

Happy wind blown family
To the left of the 12 Apostles

Gibson Steps

Just down the road from the Gibson Steps - steps down to the beach,

The many steps up to the car park

Don't get sand in the shoes
Admiring the ocean

Water seeping out of the limestone onto the beach

The Arch

Yet another spectacular sight .....

London Bridge

London Bridge was joined to the mainland until a collapse in 1990

One more to go .... Part 3 - The Grotto

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Road Trip - Great Ocean Road - Part 1

Australia's coast line is just amazing. Newcastle is pretty good but the Great Ocean Road takes the cake.

I knew it was going to be good but it's hard to explain what it is like to see such incredible sights in the flesh rather than from a image.

Cape Patton - looking towards Adelaide

Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge is named after a Scottish ship 'Loch Ard' which wrecked here in the 1800's.

Loch Ard Gorge

Comparing my family to the size of the Gorge
According to the signs swimming is not recommended - you could hear and see the power of the ocean within the Gorge

Thunder Cave

Just a short walk from the Loch Ard Gorge is Thunder Cave

Spotted a little friend on our walk back to the car

Next sight .......... The 12 Apostles

September Road Trip - Erskine Falls

Packing up and leaving our Port Lonsdale home we were back on the road to see the Great Ocean Road.

One of the many inspirations when we (I) was planning our  holiday was from a blog that I read regularly. They recently travelled some of the same road we have travelled on this trip. One of their stops was Erskine Falls. I can also thoroughly recommend it.

Erskine Falls is located in Lorne

Lots of steps leading to the base of the falls

Down river from the falls

Looking from the top falls lookout.

The stairs were a bit of a workout for one unfit mummy - but was a good start for what was coming on our day exploring the many amazing scenes along the Great Ocean Road