Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Road Trip - Great Ocean Road - Part 2

12 Apostles

The main feature 'The 12 Apostles' - well what's left of them......

It is hard to fathom in a photo the enormity of them

You have to imagine the roar of the ocean and the howl of wind

Happy wind blown family
To the left of the 12 Apostles

Gibson Steps

Just down the road from the Gibson Steps - steps down to the beach,

The many steps up to the car park

Don't get sand in the shoes
Admiring the ocean

Water seeping out of the limestone onto the beach

The Arch

Yet another spectacular sight .....

London Bridge

London Bridge was joined to the mainland until a collapse in 1990

One more to go .... Part 3 - The Grotto

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  1. Wasn't Gibson Steps amazing? We were over taken by a surfer with a surf board who was JOGGING down, I kid you not.
    Great photos.