Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Road Trip - Erskine Falls

Packing up and leaving our Port Lonsdale home we were back on the road to see the Great Ocean Road.

One of the many inspirations when we (I) was planning our  holiday was from a blog that I read regularly. They recently travelled some of the same road we have travelled on this trip. One of their stops was Erskine Falls. I can also thoroughly recommend it.

Erskine Falls is located in Lorne

Lots of steps leading to the base of the falls

Down river from the falls

Looking from the top falls lookout.

The stairs were a bit of a workout for one unfit mummy - but was a good start for what was coming on our day exploring the many amazing scenes along the Great Ocean Road

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  1. This was so amazing! I did it 33 weeks pregnant and it was hard going heading back up.