Friday, November 26, 2010

Double Figures

Happy Birthday to my Adrian  - a big 10 this month - Double Digits

A tradition that we have started for our family is a weekend away with just dad and mum for your 10th Birthday. Being a large family it's great to have some quality time with just one child. Also included is a trip on a plane. Adrian chose to go to Brisbane.

We had a great time.

A big comfy bed

We visited the Queensland Museum on Southbank -

Adrian does look worried
An old taxi

We also spent plenty of time eating, swimming, relaxing in the spa, we also did a bit of birthday $$ shopping.

As we were actually away on Adrians birthday we had a family dinner and cake when we returned. Another tradition for us is a cake of your choice. Here is Adrians

Club Penguin Orange Puffle
 I'd love to hear if your family has any birthday traditions.

We came across this Welcome Home Parade for returning soldiers

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