Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to Little Ditty Designs

Well I have taken the plunge and regressed advanced into the Blog world. It has been a thought of mine for some time but to take the step was another thing.

After some encouragement from my neighbour I was inspired to give it a go. 
And so here I am. Other than covering my crazy life as a stay at home mum (and proud to be) with 5 kiddies and an awesome husband. I will keep you updated with the some other things I like to do such as to sew, craft and cook.

I also have an etsy site where my things works of art are available for purchase.

Some of the people that make my life special

Please stop by again sometime and enjoy the ride. More up than down I hope.


  1. Hey Kirsty, the blog looks great! Put more photos up when you can cause your stuff is soooo purdy!And let people know when you are going to go to Olive Tree where they can buy from you in person.Loving the hoto of the kids, too. :)

  2. Can you email me a copy of my bag so I can post it on my blog? You might get some traffic that way. Hold on tight!!